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Flow Foundations

This class is taught by:

Jenna Hussey

A dedicated student of yoga for over seventeen years, Jenna began instructing classes in 2007. Her experience in the field of massage therapy profoundly informs her instruction of yoga postures and conversely, her yoga practice continues to evolve her understanding and awareness of body mechanics and self care.

Jenna has extensive experience working with beginners. Specializing in classes that focus on foundational yoga postures and principles, she has led countless introductory classes and workshops throughout her teaching career. She has a welcoming spirit and the ability to structure lessons so that newer students feel included and successful.

In addition, Jenna is a trained and experienced practitioner of TM and traditional forms of mantra meditation, and is also a long-time student of Advaita Vedanta and Indian philosophy. All this study and experience lends itself beautifully to her commitment to supporting herself and others in managing stress and finding connection, comfort, ease and freedom in both body and mind.

Amanda Vallimont

I am a Black Crow-bred yogi. I stumbled into my first yoga class when BCY first opened and it has been a beautiful relationship ever since. Yoga helps me stay grounded and real. It connects me to what is important as well as challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. I love the challenging physical asana side of yoga as well as the spiritual practice. Both help me to carry my practice off the mat.

The teachers at BCY inspired me so much that I decided to go for my certification and trained with Rolf Gates, fulfilling my 200 hour certification. I teach a strong, grounded practice that allows you to be yourself and tap into something deeper. I encourage my students to meet their minds and bodies with compassion and allow the effects of yoga to transform them slowly.

When I'm not teaching yoga, I teach high school theology and also run a school Yoga Club.

The perfect place to begin!
Designed for those completely new to yoga, Flow Foundations focuses on the foundations of the vinyasa flow yoga practice, with emphasis on listening to our bodies and progressing at our own pace. More experienced yogis or those coming back to yoga after an injury or after time away also benefit from our focus on alignment and nurturing our practice.
Try a Flow Foundations class if you're looking for a slower-pace class and seeking to improve your understanding of the basics. Begin, refresh, or reawaken your practice here!

Upcoming classes:

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