Black Crow Yoga
201 Broadway • Arlington, MA 02474
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transformative practice. welcoming community.

Desiree Savoia

It was the inspiring words of a yoga teacher that got me to fall in love with the practice roughly 5 years ago. Something along the lines of, living in the present moment, simply living in the here and now. Now, as a teenager struggling severely with anxiety and depression, this was a concept I never really thought about; as my thoughts raced from one to the next about things that weren’t even occurring yet, I barely had a moment to myself anymore. The idea of focusing solely on the present moment seemed so foreign to me but for the first time I let myself experience that freedom from my racing monkey mind. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders after that class, like I could breathe again. Needless to say, I was hooked! I have been practicing to maintain the idea of being present ever since.

I want my students to leave my class feeling the same way, if not better. I want my class to be a place of acceptance and non-judgment. An environment to practice self-love and self-care for not only your body, but maybe even more importantly, the mind. I want to teach my students to cultivate body awareness through breath, to align the two entities of body and mind. Creating a dynamic space of intuitive movement that brings about a state of peace to the mind and to move your body away from the dis-ease of everyday life. Embarking on a journey that encourages students to use their breath to guide their body to a place of complete and total surrender.


It was Black Crow Yoga after all where I began my yoga practice and it was from there where I was encouraged by Robin to get my teaching certification at YogaWorks Back Bay. After I graduated with a BS in Psychology from Salem State University last May, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Renee LeBlanc. This is where I got to delve into the alignment and fundamentals of the yoga practice. Since then I have been subbing classes at Mission Hill Yoga in Boston and working towards applying to graduate schools for mental health counseling in holistic studies, in hopes of aligning the mind and body forces to help those in need of alternative therapy.


I am so very honored to be apart of the amazing family and community and as eager as can be to continue my teaching journey through BCY!


Desiree Savoia instructs the following: