Black Crow Yoga
201 Broadway • Arlington, MA 02474
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transformative practice. welcoming community.

new to yoga?

we're here to help!



Thanks for stopping by. We're glad you're here. At BCY, we make a special effort to welcome new students to the practice of yoga. We know the joy and benefits that a consistent yoga practice brings to our lives, and we're honored and excited to share it with others.

We recommend starting with our 30 days for $30 introductory membership. This is a one-time offer, only available for those new to the studio. We encourage you to come to class as often as you can during your thirty days to try different classes, get to know our teachers and community, and begin to experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice both on and off your mat. We want you to experience all the benefits that yoga has to offer!


"Every time I come to Black Crow, I always feel like I take another step towards a better me." - Jodi


imagewhere to begin?


We all have to start somewhere. There's always a first time when we try something new.


We want to make it easy for you. First, check our class schedule to find a class that works well for you. Please sign up online to reserve your spot in class.
Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first class.

This will give you plenty of time to get settled in the studio and ask any questions you may have.
Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and towel.

We have rental mats and towels available for $1 each (complimentary for your first class).


Please leave cell phones and valuables at home or in your car.


Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class. Drink plenty of water before and after class.


Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. Heavy or baggy clothes will get in the way. Be prepared to sweat!


We practice heated, not hot yoga. The studio will feel comfortably warm, allowing you to safely stretch deeply, and you'll sweat from the athletic nature of the yoga. You'll leave feeling refreshed and renewed.


Most of our classes are heated to approximately 82-85 degrees. Class temperatures will fluctuate due to a number of factors, including the outside weather and humidity, the time of day, and the number of students in class.


Unheated classes are a comfortable room temperature and are noted on our class schedule.


If you feel more comfortable starting with a slower-paced class designed just for beginners, please sign up for a Flow Foundations class.
Please let the teacher know that you are new to yoga or if you have any injuries so that he/she can give you extra support and offer modifications. Most of all, listen to your body!
Remember that it's your practice; give your body the rest or challenge it needs.
Breathe and enjoy!