Black Crow Yoga
201 Broadway • Arlington, MA 02474
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transformative practice. welcoming community.

Black Crow YogaWe offer dynamic vinyasa flow yoga, music to connect us on and off our mats, and a welcoming community spirit.

We believe yoga should be affordable.

We offer an introductory membership of 30 days for $30, available to anyone new to the studio. Our monthly membership rate is $99, the lowest monthly membership fee of any yoga studio in our area. We also offer the option to pay per class, and bargain priced $10 community classes five days a week.
We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone.

Our classes are appropriate for all levels of experience and beginners are always welcome. Our teachers encourage us to move at our own pace, modify when necessary, and always listen to our bodies. We all have different abilities and different limitations, and we're all welcome.
We believe in creating community.

Yoga is a shared experience and can help bring us together. BCY was born out of the intention to create a welcoming social environment for the practice of yoga. We strive to create a friendly atmosphere to foster meaningful connections on and off our mats.
imageWe believe in removing barriers.

Our studio is bright, open, comfortable, and welcoming. There's no intimidation factor here, no competition or judgment, no fancy clothes required. We welcome experienced yogis to deepen and develop their practices, and we welcome new students to discover the joys and benefits of a yoga practice.
We say that we practice yoga.

Just as a sports team practices for a game and a musician practices for a performance, we come to practice on our mats. Practice is a time to take risks, to discover what works, to realize our potential, to hone our senses. In yoga there's no final game or performance; we're practicing for our lives off the mat. As we develop physical strength and flexibility in our bodies, we grow peaceful and flexible in our spirits. We leave class feeling calmed and centered, and we go into the world energized and refreshed.

Most of our classes are set to music.

On our mats, music is part of the shared experience and energy of a yoga class. Off our mats, music is common ground; we love chatting about new albums, live music, and favorite artists. Check out our ever-changing collection of framed LP's and music posters in our downstairs lounge!

imageWe offer monthly community events as opportunities to come together and get to know one another off our mats.

Past events have included a community craft night, holiday parties, and events with other local businesses. Every summer we offer a series of free community yoga classes at Arlington's Spy Pond Park. During the summer of 2012, we expanded our outdoor class program and offered a series of yoga classes on Spectacle Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands! We also host an annual Open Studio to showcase the work of the many artists and artisans in our community.


Why black crow?

Crow is a harbinger of change and omen of transformation, aware of opportunities and newness on the horizon. Crow symbolizes adaptability and living in consciousness. In Native American mythology, crow is the bearer of magic and messages that are beyond space and time. Throughout history, people have listened to the cries of crows to foretell coming events.
The yoga posture Crow (Bakasana) is a posture of strength. An arm balance that uses core, wrist, arm, and shoulder strength, Crow improves balance and concentration.
With our love of music, it's no surprise that our name is also inspired by lyrics...


There's a black crow sitting across from me
His wiry legs are crossed
He is dangling my keys, he even fakes a toss

Bon Iver, Re: Stacks