Black Crow Yoga
201 Broadway • Arlington, MA 02474
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transformative practice. welcoming community.

We practice vinyasa flow yoga.


We focus on the connection between breath and movement; vinyasa is Sanskrit, meaning connection.
imageFlow yoga is a vigorous, athletic style of yoga.

Whether you're looking to get fit, relieve stress and anxiety, increase strength and flexibility, or enhance mental clarity, yoga will help. Yoga will help you stretch and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. With a consistent yoga practice, you'll feel calmed and centered, energized and refreshed.
Each class is a unique experience.

Our teachers have a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Classes will vary to reflect the unique style and personality of each teacher. That's the beauty of vinyasa flow yoga!
We practice heated, not hot yoga.

Most classes are heated to approximately 85 degrees. Class temperatures will fluctuate due to a number of factors, including the outside weather and humidity, the time of day, and the number of students in class. The studio will feel comfortably warm, allowing you to safely stretch deeply, and you'll sweat from the athletic nature of the yoga. You'll leave feeling refreshed and renewed. We also offer a few Unheated All Levels Flow classes per week; please see our class schedule.


Our classes are called All Levels Flow, as they're appropriate for all levels of experience and beginners are always welcome. Please note we do not allow children under 18 years old to attend our regular adult classes.


One of the wonders of yoga is that it is a personal practice - each posture can be modified or adjusted in order to find what feels best for your body on any given day. You're able to give your body the rest or challenge it needs.
Our All Levels Flow to Music classes are set to music, as music is a big part of the identity of our studio. On our mats, music is part of the shared experience and energy of a yoga practice. Teachers prepare their own playlists to reflect their unique styles. Off our mats, music is common ground; we love chatting about new albums, live music, and favorite artists. Check out our ever-changing collection of framed LP's and music posters in our downstairs lounge!
Flow Foundations classes are the perfect place to begin! Designed for those completely new to yoga, Flow Foundations focuses on the foundations of the vinyasa flow yoga practice, with emphasis on listening to our bodies and progressing at our own pace. More experienced yogis or those coming back to yoga after an injury or after time away also benefit from our focus on alignment and nurturing our practice. Try a Flow Foundations class if you're looking for a slower-pace class and seeking to improve your understanding of the basics. Begin, refresh, or reawaken your practice!